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Krissi Saccoh

Secondary & SEN Specialist

Director of the Tutor Boss Krissi, is a successful teacher with over 18 years of teaching experience specialising in English, History and SEN.  Gaining a headship, within a few years of qualifying, Krissi is also an accomplished speaker motivating and raising the aspirations of students, as well as women in business. To round it off, Krissi set up her own behavioural school from scratch.  The latter enabled her to support the work of one of Prince Harry’s Nottingham projects to improve opportunities, to encourage young people, involved in crime, back into education.

Krissi is well-known for being the teacher that gets results, by teaching outside of the box, with innovative concepts and techniques.  She encourages students to think beyond what’s in front of their faces and passionate in equipping students with bags of confidence and key skills they can use throughout their lives.

Her powerful rapport with students of all ages especially teens, and her ability to connect with her students, are just some of the many reasons her students do so well academically.


Krissi works with children and young people who need extra support or, require a different programme of learning to help them reach their potential. She has first hand experience of pupils with learning difficulties such as dyslexia, ADHD and autism. Krissi can offer a bespoke, nurturing, educational experience, with results everyone needs and deserves.


Sam Weaver
Primary/Secondary Maths Specialist

Meet Sam, who is new to the profession, with a focus on developing our primary provision. Sam worked for some time in industry, before deciding to become a teacher, bringing all his management skills along with him.


Focusing on our primary curriculum, Sam brings with him absolute up to the minute teaching and learning resources and techniques, as well as a sensitivity and understanding of this younger age group. He is dynamicdriven and well organised. Sam is able to get the best out of his pupils, helping them to deepen their knowledge & understanding. 


Sam has achieved great success, despite his dyslexia. This gives him a unique understanding of students who need those extra tweaks and considerations when learning.

We are so excited to have him on board!


Divya Patel
Maths & English  Specialist

Divay is part of our Primary team specialising in Maths and English. A graduate of both the University of Birmingham and BCU, Divya is an experienced teacher of over 5 years. Her kind and caring nature, together with patience and persistence, are a perfect combination of skills for our younger learners. 

She also has in-depth experience with ADHD, Autism and Trauma in the classroom, supporting many neurodivergent students.


Kirsten Lacey
Secondary/A Level Science Specialist

An exceptionally qualified individual, Kirsten not only has a Masters Degree in Science but, she is also a qualified Pharmacologist with hands on experience, in research and development, having worked at Head Office for the UK’s leading pharmacy-led health retailer Boots.

Her teaching techniques centre around establishing understanding of the subject rather just remembering and Kirsten's aim is to always encourage students to develop strategies that help and grown their learning. This provides the basis for developing exam technique that will ensure they reach their full potential.

Kirsten's GCSE and A-Level hourly sessions are available as part of the combined sciences or, as a specific topic specialism such as Biology, Chemistry or Physics.

Meet The Team

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