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Let's Talk English

As of 2016, the Government required that all students who don’t secure at least a Grade 4 in GCSE English Language, will have to resit...that's a C in old money!

Remember that passing English Literature will not secure your next steps. English Language is the requirement for entry to College, University and higher entry apprenticeships.

With the uncertainty surrounding GCSEs plus, the unpredictability with regards to resits, this is another area students are becoming increasingly anxious about.

For GCSE Language English, the requirement for students is to; recall information and quotations, analyse and evaluate in detail, describe effectively, write to persuade, argue an inform, to make a few skills. The 'larger mark' questions also have marks awarded for spelling, grammar, punctuation and structure. As an English specialist, I have seen much moving of the goal posts over the years, nothing phases me so I’m fully armed!

With my students, I ensure not only are they equipped with the techniques, tools and skills required to meet all of the above, but they’re also bursting with bags of confidence and determination to secure a great grade, when they sit their exams.

Parent - Jules Platt, Bingham "Krissi has been an amazing tutor bringing my own son on from a Grade 3 to Grade 6 in English Language in a matter of months. He looked forward to his sessions each week and said they helped him no end! I can't recommend Krissi highly enough!”

To find out more about how I can help your child, please drop me an email at:

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