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We're Nearly At The Finishing Line!

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Dear Parents,

As we say goodbye to 2020, I would like to thank every single parent and student for supporting The Tutor Boss this year - and boy, what a ride it's been! To say it's been challenging would be an understatement BUT we all pulled together, adapted, and as a result we've become stronger and more resilient. I'm so proud that we all kept going!

Online Learning

Whilst nothing can replace face-to-face teaching and interaction, moving online has been a great short-term substitute. For many of you, it was the first time you'd been taught online and you all did so well! We battled through together, finding new programmes, and gadgets for our transition. Thanks to those of you who let me use you as guinea pigs for my new digital classroom, equipment, and programmes, shaping learning for yourselves and others. As we progress into 2021, it is likely that we will potentially lockdown again, that some students will have to isolate, and we find ourselves once again experiencing great online learning. But I've got this...we've got this...we will bend once again but we will NOT break!

So, You May Be Wondering What Else The Tutor Boss Has Been Doing?

We've had so many highlights and achievements this year but here are some of the many that stood out for me:

  • My particular favourite (and a huge shock I might add!) was being nominated as an 'unsung hero' within my local community, for charity work locally and across Nottingham. The Tutor Boss will continue to support children and their families.

  • Amazon interviewed and featured The Tutor Boss, as an up-and-coming and inspiring business, which was a truly amazing opportunity and has put us right on the map. You can read the full interview here

  • The Tutor Boss Website and social media channels have been much more active and, going forward into 2021, we will communicating more and more via these platforms - so, if you haven't already, please follow asap Facebook Instagram Website

  • Nottinghamshire Live ran a fabulous Boxing Day feature on The Tutor Boss which you can read here

  • With education, the return to school plus the exam debate dominating the press, The Grantham Journal featured my business in early January here

Finally as we head towards the finishing line with 2021 now firming with its feet in the ground, I would also like to say a huge thank you for the many recommendations from my lovely parents. I now have a bit of a waiting list! But please be assured your child/children are my priority and always will be. For me learning and self belief are the key to a magical world. As a child, I remember the joy of discovering new things. It is that enthusiasm and passion that I want to transfer to my students, to equip them with confidence and key skills they can use throughout their lives.

I wish you all a safe and peaceful 2021 I cant wait to re-connect with my existing pupils plus meet all my new ones - I have bags of optimism and am ready and raring to go!!!

Best wishes, Krissi

PS. It would make my day if you left a 'Review' on the Tutor Boss, please scroll down & see below!


Current Plans for Schools - January 2021

Since the start of the academic year, the continuing efforts of leaders, teachers and staff across education and childcare have ensured that settings remain as safe and COVID-secure as possible.

  • Late January 2021 start for secondary school students attending school

  • Mass testing secondary school students and teachers

  • The Governments call for remote (online) education

  • Food parcels for those entitled to free school meals

  • Governments support to access technology

PLEASE NOTE: The above information may change at ANY point, however you can keep up to date and read the full current guidance here

Year 11 - An Important Year Ahead

January 2021 begins a very important time for all year 11 students. At last check all exam boards in England are still going ahead with traditional exams. Whilst this could change, I urge everyone to continue as normal and ensure revision planning and prep begins in January. I'll be helping my Year 11 students to get ready and will be regularly posting revision tips as well as holding my popular additional "Revision Sessions" - See below for booking details.

BOOKING YEAR 11 GCSE REVISION SESSIONS - The first set of Revision Sessions will begin in February Half Term. These will be Face-to-Face as well as my popular Group Sessions...places are already filling up so, to find out more and to book a place, please email:


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